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Jan 1, 2019
Trading Liability
In this Forum Category, you may find yourself browsing and trading in-game items of interest. NOTE: Uber.TF does not take responsibility for any lost items, neither do we have the power to help you obtain them.

To check for potential scammers, look on reputation sites like Steamrep or Backpack.TF for any previously recorded incidents of fraud to inform you about current scamming methods to protect yourself. If a link seems unsafe to you, report it to us.

If you are under the impression you have been scammed, file a report on the user responsible here on ours forums, and/or on Steamrep or Backpack.TF. Make sure to include all aspects of the incident to best ensure the situation is resolved.

Thank you for visiting Uber.TF.
Trade at your own discretion.
Not open for further replies.