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Jan 27, 2019
Name/alias: pablo.gonzalez.2008
Discord Username: Random#0422
Age: 16
gameME profile:
Time zone and online times: GMT +2
Why are you applying?: Because of the lack of staff lately.
Do you have any experience administrating TF2 servers?:
No, however I have been Head-Mod on a Minecraft server, so I have an understanding of procedures. I am also a quick learner and willing to put 100% into being staff if chosen.
Which servers do you mostly play on?: I mostly play Jailbreak Uk or #1
Why should we choose you over all the others?: I'm an active individual, I enjoy making people laugh and or joking around with them. I'm also strict when I need to be and give everyone a second chance, we all mess up don't we? So we all deserve another chance. I always aim to not only better myself but the community in general. I'll give a small example, if someone sees a player mass freekilling and doesn't stop it, they'll leave right away and give the server bad rep, that bad rep will spread throughout a small chain of people which will only get larger. But if we stop those freekillers the people will leave later on and give the server good rep which will again spread through a small chain which will only get larger as time progresses. I have never had issues with most people on the server.
How would you improve the community?:
I Would improve the community by being a friendly staff member. and being an active staff.
I will also explain the rules to rule breaker after giving the first warning ( warning only applies to things like, micspam and freehit. ) - also i will tell the rules to players who are new to this server - ( since the rule is different compared to other servers, such as Wonderland's Jail Servers. ) and make some broken features change ( such as freezing players in Hide and seek) also, doing mic check often.

What have you already done to help this community?: I have reported plenty of people on discord so that they would be punished and helped new people to understand the rules.



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Jan 6, 2019
My mom's basement, Kazakhstan
Now I've got a mixed opinion here, You seem like a good guy and a lot of people like you on the servers.
I like these things about you:
You've got a fixed mindset
You're very active on the servers
You have previously been staff on other communities.

These are the things that could be improved:
You aren't that active on the discord.
Your app is very short and has short answers.

I'll be voting a -1 because of those reasons.
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Apr 3, 2019
I agree with Rotary,

You've shown great activity on the servers
You've previously been staff


The application is very short
discord activity can be improved

This places me in the middle with how well you would be as staff. This being said i have seen your interactions with players during games which can be immature. Therefore I will be voting -1 until these areas are improved.
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Mar 13, 2019
Thanks for applying Pablo;

Here are my brutally honest opinions;

- You're Highly active
- Well known
- Know all the rules
- Are a fair warden

- Sometimes your attitude can be a bit leaning towards the toxic side
- You are only on certain times of the day
- You mostly don't stay on too long.

With everything I said I'll remain NEUTRAL in this situation, if you prove me wrong then I will reconsider, thanks for reading :)
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